Meet Dina Zaphiris

Dina comes from a long line of animal movie trainers, having studied for seven years under Richard Vye. Richard Vye was
trained by the famous Rudd Weatherwax. Rudd is well known for training the original Lassie. Some of Dina’s more famous clientele include Al Pacino, Bruce Willis, Kate Beckinsale, Nicolas Cage, Barry Manilow…

After more than 25 years of living and working in Los Angeles as “Dog Trainer to the Stars”, Dina has returned to Chico where she continues to run her non-profit, In Situ Foundation.

Dina is available for pet dog training for Chico residents, and she accepts a limited number of pet dog clients.

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With over 25 years of knowledge and experience-based dog training, “dog trainer to the stars” ….
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Detection Project

Detection Project

Dina is in the forefront of medical scent detection training. She has trained the dogs for two federally funded studies.
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& Rescue

& Rescue

Dina has participated in search and rescue for over 3 years. Carda (California Rescue Dog Association) is a 100% volunteer non-profit…

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Dina comes from a long line of animal movie trainers, having studied for seven years under Richard Vye. Richard Vye was trained by the famous Rudd Weatherwa. Rudd is well known for training the original Lassie. Some of Dina’s more famous clientele include Al Pacino, Bruce Willis, Kate Beckinsale,

Our Testimonials

  • Thank you Dina for the Rattle Snake Avoidance training course you have scheduled through certain times of the year. This could have saved the life of one of my favorite dogs of a client of mine!! Months after her training that I recommended to her parents they told me how glad they were that I directed them to your course. They said that at the mere scent of a rattle snake under the deck in the back of house where family was hanging out, Daphne suddenly ran as far away as she could into the far end of house inside. She has zero curiosity and knows exactly which direction to go when she sniffs out a snake! Her family saw her suddenly run off and investigated to find a rattle snake! Good girl and big thank you!!!
    Darcy K.
  • I wanted to update my review of Dogs Country Ranch because of my clients' and my own dog's experience with Dina's snake aversion training. My two German Sheps did the snake training at her ranch last year... and they still stay away from rattlesnakes that they come across where I hike in Griffith Park. Just last week, my dog Spirit ran up to a snake and came running back to me. He didn't try to run past it, he knew to turn around 180 and come back to me. My clients have been going up to the ranch for training and have been calling me about stories that have saved their dog's lives. I cannot recommend Dina more. She is the best!!!
    Kurt B.
  • Okay, I don't write many reviews for other dog trainers and dog care places, but this warrants an exception. Dogs Country Ranch is heaven. I want to live there! Okay, I'll stick to useful information about dog!! I board my two well-mannered and trained German Shepherds with Dina every time I go away or simply need a break from my pups . I train dogs for a living so I am super picky about where my dogs go and who I trust to give them the exercise and mental stimulation they need. My dogs don't want to leave when I pick them up. This ranch is amazing. I am so impressed by the layout and dog friendly this place is. It is all about dog safety (snake and coyote proof fences) and 24/7 professional supervision. AND... There are horses and goats for the dogs to become accustomed to. It comes in handy when your dogs learn to be around animals. The CLIENTEL... The dogs that board there are well behaved and amazing - it's like a canine reunion each time the dogs meet up. Dogs that have socialization issues get trained and become sane because of this place and the training they receive from both the dogs and the professionals. Did I mention the AGILITY COURSE!!! There is a full agility course in the dog park. My pup Duncan is becoming quite the competitor thanks to my sessions with Dina. I am so happy this place exists!! I send all of my clients to board there, which means a lot.
    Kurt B.
  • I have a shepherd mix that I rescued from the street.  He started his puppy training with Dina, and we got instant results for his basic commands.  My dog's last big issue was severe separation anxiety.  We tried EVERYTHING.  The special shirts, Xanax, practicing leaving, etc.  Nothing really worked. I ended up on a travel job, so I boarded my dog at Dogs Country Ranch.  He was there a month learning to play in a pack, sleeping with his pack, and getting time with the trainers on staff.  I went out to visit him a couple of times and was really impressed with how much just being immersed in Dina's ranch was helping him. When I picked him up he was a NEW DOG.  I gave him a test run in my backyard for a few hours.  He was totally calm.  He was totally happy.  No anxiety.  No howling.  I can now leave for work knowing that he is happy and content at home until I come back.  It is such a huge relief! Dina's ranch can work miracles on your dog!  It is also just a great environment to board your dog even if they don't have any behavior issues.  It is a puppy paradise.  I got regular photos and videos of my dog having the time of his life!  Such a wonderful place.  I am so glad a place like this is available!
    Katie T.
  • Amazing! That sums up the work Dina Garbis does. I have a Frankenmut (very mixed breed of dog) adopted several years ago form the Pet Adoption Fund. He's a great dog, but very protective and territorial. He would snap and snarl at dogs and people - not very socialized. I dropped off my dog for one week of Board and Train. What a difference a week makes! When I picked him up, he was socializing with a pack of dogs of all sizes. With Dina's instructions I know he'll become even a better dog. Will definitely continue to use and recommend her services. Thank you so much Dina!
    Daniel S.
  • I have brought my doggie here to board and train several times, and he LOVES LOVES LOVES it.  Dina, and everyone else there is fantastic. When i pick him up, not only is he exhausted from so much fun, but his behavior with other animals and people is like night and day.  He loves the training there, and the socializing experience with the other dogs is absolutely priceless. It's amazing!!!
    Melanie H.
  • I'm Daphne's mum, and just wanted to confirm Darcey's story of how well the rattlesnake avoidance training worked with our dog. We are so happy with how she has responded to the training and feel a greater peace of mind as a result. I highly recommend Dina.
    Zoe B.
  • Dina's Dogs Country Ranch is the place to go if you want a worry-free fun and safe place for your four-legged best friend while you are away! So nice to know my German Shepherd, Gustaf is free to run around and go on hike while I am out of town.  Dina also provides agility and shepherding training - which is amazing for Gustaf!  This is the best place for your dog - and Dina and her staff are so wonderful!
    Wendy W.